dimanche 4 mai 2014


Hey guys ! I'm not totally dead ! I was very busy those times, now  I have time to continue personal project but I prefer playing video games. Anyway, I spent my week end at my brother's home, we ate a lot, watched cool films and played a lot. And when I felt guilty, I took my nintendo 3ds, not to play, but draw ! So I did few color studies. It's around 20 or 30 or 50min 

Here's a couple I did at my parent's home this time, during vacation at Marseille. Beautiful light !
Hope you like it ! I don't promise to post more because I lie each time.

2 commentaires:

L Rossi a dit…

GAH ils sont magnifique! T'es vraiment un maître du 3DS (en peinture.... je sais pas au niveau de Mario Kart :P)
So if you lie each time... does that mean you WILL post more? :D

Joël CORCIA a dit…

Merci L Rossi !
J'ai appris que tu t'es recassé le nez ça va o_o ??