dimanche 3 août 2014


Hello people ! Long time no see !
I didn't have internet anymore because I moved, but that's ok now. But I don't have a lot of things to show you by the way, i'm not working a lot anymore. I prefer going out at night, eat and drink and had stomach ache. I exagerate a bit... because i'm feeling better. Those last months were a bit hard...
I restarted painting today, I haven't painted for one year now, but the feeling was the same. Painting is awesome. Still not happy with my work, but was happy a little bit at the moment (I was thinking I would do shit) so I decided to show it to you.

more to come if you support me !  thx

1 commentaire:

L Rossi a dit…

Yes! That is good news!!
You know I wanna see more!! :)