mercredi 18 juin 2014

I can't play if you are in front of me

I hope it's not too saturate, I'm afraid of saturation, I can't count on my crappy screen
Too much time spent on this one, I started hate it, so i finished it.
I'm going to try to sleep, if my neighbors are nice tonight... but i can't count on them too.
I'm afraid of my gum grafting coming next...
Listen to The Lawrence Arms guys, rage songs coming from Fat Wreck Chords label. I'm still listening to punk rock, i'm a 25 years teenager who lose his fuckin hair =/

2 commentaires:

Auriane a dit…

Come on dude =( Your colors and lights are simply wonderful. Is that a study, or imagination? I can't decide.
You know, it is quite hard to see that you're going through a kind of depressed phase since a few month. Your drawings and paintings have always been an inspiration to me, and you're still a model to reach for me; so I hope you'll be better and find a new way to feel good with your drawing soon... I can't do anything but support your work, so that's why I'm writing this tonight. Because I've always loved it, and it seems important to me that you manage to love what you do like a lot of people do.
I wish you best of luck for these hard times.

Joël CORCIA a dit…

Thanks a lot for this kinds words Auriane, I appreciate it.