mardi 1 janvier 2013


Happy New Year folks !
One of my year resolutions is to post more here, but I know that I say that each year. And I just can't keep it =/
Anyway, here's some observational sketches I did last week at my parent's home. I'm on a realistic period because I have a lot to learn about lighting and atmospheres. And it's just a good exercice to look out the window and paint. Despite of the sun it was cold outside =).
More personal stuff to come.

5 commentaires:

Jérémy a dit…

Très belles ces études.
Et bonne année. Les plus beaux dessins pour 2013 :)

Noam Sussman a dit…

happy new year!
these are really inspiring, thanks for sharing

ryo_saeba a dit…

Magnifiques variations de lumière.

Angela Pan a dit…

these are amazing! makes me want to do a lot of studies too.

Nikhita a dit…

Hi Joel,
This is absolutely beautiful work. Incase I don't have the patience to comment on every post, your work is EPIC. I love the usage of colors, composition and values. Beautiful.

About this post, I had a lot of questions! It's crazy how you've got all the temperatures of the day in the same image.
1.Do you repaint over a line drawing?
2.Do you have references of this image under different lightings?
3.Do you repaint picking different colors or do you change the color balance saturation etc. by selecting a part of the image?

Would love to know your process.
You can email me at Thanks and great great work.
Also congrats on One Day! It's one of my favourite films from Gobelins. :)